The Institute of Cytology and Genetics Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Novosibirsk


The Institute of Cytology and Genetics is an autonomous Institution within the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Fields of research in the institute are molecular genetics; the structural and functional organization of the genome, proteom and chromosome; bioinformatics, system biology, biotechnology, bioengineering, and nanobioengineering; cell biology, theoretical basis of the cell technologies; chromosome- and gene diagnostics of inherited and multifactor disease; developmental biology and evolution; the genetic and genetic-evolutionary bases of the functioning of physiological systems providing vital processes; general genetics, the ecological, population- genetic and evolutionary bases of biodiversity; development of novel methods applied in animal and plant genetics and breeding for efficient use of gene pools.

During the past three years 202 scientists from other countries have visited the Institute. At present, about 25 researchers from the Institute work at world leading research laboratories. The Institute regularly organises international conferences, each of them numbers over 40 foreign researchers. The German-Russian Virtual Bioinformatics Network “Computational Systems Biology” has been established in 2008.

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